Next up is College in New Jersey: Shakielle wins soccer scholarship

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Shakielle Beckles is the 45th scholarship winner out of the Barbados Soccer Academy.

The 20-year-old graduate of St Leonard’s Boys Secondary School will be continuing his sporting and academic journey at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey. 

The right-back player studied hard, earned himself six CSEC subjects and three CAPE subjects, and balanced school and football so well with the help of the Academy that for Director of the Academy, Jabez ‘Jack’ Bovell it was easy to shop around his application.

Shakielle told Loop Sports that he fell in love with Mechanical Engineering in 6th Form at St Leonard’s Boys and that’s what he will be going to the United States for the fifth time to pursue.

His mom, Rose Jones, said that Shakielle is “most deserving” because he worked very hard and was most “dedicated”.

Shakielle quoted the school motto which is ‘Fear God, think clean, aim high’, and said he is ready to play at the American pace, matching their “physical and intense” game while enjoying a new experience at the same time.

The student-athlete will also join two of his good football friends as well at the College. Bovell said, “They are his buddies.” The two, who are on scholarship as well are Jaiden Millar and Nashton Browne. All three went to St Leonard’s Boys. Also at the College is Combermerian Jaylan Gilkes.

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