Most Improved Player

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Barbados Soccer Academy Azahri Haynes was awarded the best improved youth players that participated in the IMG Boys showcase that was held in December 2021.  Haynes 15 years old and a student of Harrison College performed spectacular in the under 19 division of the showcase. Jabez ” Jack” Bovell said that Haynes showed great skill and talent on the ball. Bovell is hoping that Haynes will be the first BSA scholarship winner to enter Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. Bovell who has contacted the Head coach Ken Bovell of the University to alert him of Haynes ability as a student athlete. Hopefully said Jack Bovell, Haynes will need to score 1500 or above in the SAT  in another 2 to 3 years. I believe that he will be flowing in the Footsteps of 16 members and former students of Harrison College who have secured soccer and academic scholarships through the Barbados Soccer Academy. Haynes is expected to captain the BSA under 17 team for a 3 weeks tour to New York in July 2022.Photo; Haynes being awarded with a trophy. From. Mrs. Wilson from the Barbados Tampa Association.

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