Barbados Soccer Academy grabs another scholarship

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The Barbados Soccer Academy (BSA) has gained another great success; Dario Greaves 18 years old, a student of Queen College has succeeded in gaining a grant to the University of Hartford a NCAA division 1 school in Connecticut in the USA. He has now become the BSA 30th scholarship winner since it was conceptualized in 2004 by Mr. Jabez “Jack” Bovell, BSA director.
Dario a solid defender, started his soccer career at the primary school level in the Bico primary school’s competition. He was scouted by the BSA coaches, where he attended Camp Superior, and afterward he became a member of the BSA at the age 11 years old. At the BSA he has represented his club at the under 13, 15, 17, 19, 21 and the men’s division 2 level. As recently he was the vice captain of the RBC Capital Market BSA team that place third in the Barbados Football Association Stag beer knockout competition. He also represented the BSA at soccer showcases in Fort Lauderdale, Bradenton, and Disney in the USA. Being active in football did not hinder his academic performances as he passed for Queen College where he graduated lately.
At the age of 11 he started dreaming of playing football outside of Barbados and he continued to work hard to make that possible. Although he was young, he recognized how hard this task would be, being from such a small island as Barbados. Dario captained and represented Queen College in the age groups of the Barbados Secondary School competitions from first form to upper 6th form.
Personally, he was very pleased with his personal development, both on and off the field. During his stint at the BSA he has seen his school mates that secured scholarships and former BSA members like Dimitri Grant and Rommel Forde, and Tre Hinds who recently was a very outstanding player in the BSA defense against Wales in the Stag Beer semifinal match. Other teammates like
Carl Hinkson, Torian Went, and Edward Okey to mention a few who have secured scholarships at USA universities.
Dario said that the BSA vision, mission and goals, were communicated to his father David Greaves by the flamboyant and dynamic leadership of Mr. Jabez “Jack” Bovell BSA CEO at a Bico primary school tournament.
Dario for all of his achievements he must firstly thank God, express his gratitude and appreciation to his mother Dorken Greaves and his father a former footballer of Sutherland and Youth Milan football clubs. He further praise his mother for managing the BSA division 2 team for the last 2 years, and lately the team was successful in placing 3rd in the Stage Beer competition, as well the team will be promoted to division 1 next year. In addition to them, the various coaches and managers, namely Emmerson Haynes, Andrew Tudor, and Anthony Jordan. Further appreciation must be given Dr. David Brown, Principal and management and staff of Queen College for guiding him in abiding by the School’s Motto “ We have carry the Light” and who also give student athletes opportunities to strive as high as possible.
Jabez “Jack” Bovell said that the strategic intent of the BSA is to secure at least 10 soccer and academic scholarships every year along with professional contracts. The BSA moulds soccer players into student athletes. There are other things that motivate the staff of the BSA, namely factors such as challenges, results and recognition – to demonstrate their value to the players. The BSA is very results-driven. Doing a good job and achieving the desired end result is its primary motivation, The staff is particularly motivated by the buzz of working in as a team. It’s very rewarding working closely with others who share the same common goal. The Management staff like to take on a challenge; to rise to that challenge as part of a concerted team effort – and they naturally appreciate it when they compliments for a job well done.
The BSA overseas trials and participation in international tournaments will surely be something to look forward to in the future as it aims to develop our young sportsmen and sportswomen while allowing them to have an enjoyable experience in the process.
The BSA will continue to be the shining example through maintaining its incredible level of success by offering as many overseas trials and scholarship opportunities for its members as possible and continuing to provide the platform for their further development and so enable them to successfully compete with player from other countries.
The BSA has the ability to expand while simultaneously improving the quality of training offered, in its efforts to create the opportunity for trials, and soccer and academic scholarships for its members. The BSA provides Student-Athletes and parents educational information on the recruiting process and a realistic analysis of the division to which the Student-Athletes can realistically expect to be recruited. Matching Student-Athletes with programmes or coaches who could help them progress or play at the next level: for example college level. Guidance on how to maximize student-Athletes chances of athletic or academic scholarship money from schools, sending video materials or in-depth scouting reports to collegiate, regional and national coaches when necessary. Matching Student-Athletes with colleges aboard, providing camps and clinics to drastically improve Student-Athletes ability to showcase positively their talents in front of recruiters, Posting and updating Student-Athletes online profile. The BSA helps our Student-Athletes in the step-by-step process necessary to be eligible academically and athletically for college scholarships.

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